In systems where long processes are running in the back, there are situations where the user needs to be informed about the process on the front side due to user experience. For example, let’s consider the pipeline on Jenkins. There is a deploy process in the backend and the user needs to learn at what stage the process is, at which stage the error was received, or about how long the process is left to finish.

As someone who started writing code with the Java etc., the sequential flow of the code has always been a feature that makes the code easy to read. When I entered the frontend world with React, the difference of the structure did not cause much trouble because the React Hooks structure, which was newly released at that time, facilitated code readability and thus I quickly strengthened myself on the React side.

After developing different projects over time, I needed to learn Vue as part of my job and I started working with Vue during this period. These days I discovered…

Erdem Gonul

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